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 So, I posted a Fanfic on fanfiction.net

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Hard Gay
Hard Gay

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PostSubject: So, I posted a Fanfic on fanfiction.net   09/09/08, 12:38 am

Yep it's true, I finally decided to write my own story where Godzilla meets and fights the Evangelion


Just in case you're curious...

So anyone else around here ever write/read any good fanfiction lately...or ever?
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The Linux Kernal
The Linux Kernal

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PostSubject: Re: So, I posted a Fanfic on fanfiction.net   09/09/08, 11:23 am

Truly amazing ::applause::, and other than My Immortal, no.
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So, I posted a Fanfic on fanfiction.net
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